Nico's Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles

We're excited to introduce a unique menu item: Hot Honey infused with Calabrian chilies! This addition is not just about flavor, it's a celebration of my son Nico, his Nashville influence, and his heritage that spans way back to his grandfather's roots in Calabria, Italy.

Picture of Calabria, Italy on a mapYou may not know, but Calabria is known for its fiery chilies, symbolizing the region's vibrant spirit and culinary traditions.  Meanwhile, Nashville, where Nico currently lives, is celebrated for its inventive food scene; including its adoption of hot honey. This trending condiment has become popular for its perfect balance of sweetness and heat, enhancing everything from biscuits to pizzas.

Although I can eat our Calabria chili-infused hot honey on just about anything, I wasn't quite sure that our customers would like it. HOWEVER,  Chef Capra convinced me to go with my gut.  Now we're drizzling it over all over our brand new brunch item, Nico's Hot Honey Chicken and Waffles...and ever since it's been a HOT 🔥 hit! 

Try it and experience the delightful fusion of Calabria and Nashville, a testament to the power of food to tell a compelling story.

Come in and enjoy some Food & Love,  both Hot & Sweet at Maria's Italian Kitchen.Maddy

Photo of Maddy and her son, Nico