If you placed your order through our website ( OR the Maria's Kitchen Club App, our team is ready to help. For the fastest service you can call the store from which you ordered the food, and one of our friendly teammates will assist you. 

For issues or questions about orders from one of our delivery partners (DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates or GrubHub) please contact them directly for help. 

Your email may have been used to sign up for a Kitchen Club account before. If you’ve forgotten your password, make sure to retrieve that from the digital abyss, OR you can simply click “Forgot password” and we’ll send you a link to create a new password. 

All is well! If you didn’t get points on your last visit, make sure to keep your receipt and contact our Kitchen Club customer service team via our ‘Contact Us’ form.  In the form, make sure you include your name, phone number (associated with your account), date of your visit, your order number and the subtotal before tax. Be sure to submit your Points Request within 30 days of the transaction. You can only submit 2 Points Requests per month. 

Points Requests do not apply to orders placed before you joined Maria's Kitchen Club, orders placed online as a guest, purchases of a gift card or orders made through a 3rd party delivery service.

Points will be credited to the Kitchen Club account upon consummation of the qualifying transaction. This usually happens within 30 minutes. In certain cases, it may take twenty-four (24) hours or more for points to be added. If they’re still MIA after that time, you can contact us HERE.

Just be sure you have your receipt handy, because if you don’t have your receipt, we can't honor old points. Keep in mind that we will only apply backdated points once a month.

Yes. All online or mobile orders made through our website or mobile APP will give you several options for a future delivery date and time.  

When you submit a delivery order, it's sent directly to our ordering system and restaurant crew so it can get cooked up and on its way to you. That makes canceling orders sort of a challenge. If you really must cancel an order, and you've ordered directly through our app or online, reach out to our Customer Service team through our ‘Contact US’ page, or contact the team directly at the restaurant where you place your order. Keep in mind that you may incur a cancelation fee.

We’re not offering franchises and this point, but it is something we’ve been considering. Please ‘Contact Us’ on our website and let’s set up a time to talk.